What I seek to accomplish

What I seek to accomplish

Thanks to the residents and the current school board, East Lansing elementary schools are fortunate to get brand new, state of the art buildings. Educators, parents and students are all excited about it and I will strive to facilitate ways and means to capitalize on this momentum.

One has every right to their own moral beliefs. However, when it comes to advocating public policy, particularly ones that affect our children, those beliefs are better left at home so that we can frame policies that are inclusive and caring for all children.

For students that are ambitious and aim to reach higher, I want to make sure they are enabled to tread those paths. And for parents, I would like to enhance access to information and resources so they can help their children navigate their academic career paths.

Red Cedar elementary school closure, as well as it’s reopening was contentious in the past. Its future use while other elementary schools are rebuilt also appears to be of concern to residents. I will rely on the expertise of those who are currently entrusted to work on how best to reconfigure the boundaries of the elementary schools. At the same time, I will make sure the questions and concerns of the parents are taken into consideration.

When adults quarrel, kids suffer. With some of the most contentious issues now behind us, I will work hard to build consensus and on consolidating our energy and resources towards the betterment of our students’ experience in the schools.

I will bring to the table my past experience in volunteering in the field of education, years of community building expertise and my professional work experience in the field of Information technology.

I would like to work on strategies to improve the traffic flow to avoid congestion and resulting risks to students and families.

I would like to see increasing conversation on race, diversity, inclusion and acceptance.

I will be relentless in my pursuit of ways and means to ensure the safety and security of our children in the school system. I am a firm believer in not allowing guns in our schools and will advocate for gun safety and ownership control laws so that the threats and risks of gun violence can be eliminated in our communities.

I will promote awareness on child sexual abuse and trauma and how to prevent them from happening and how to support affected children and families in the school system.

I would like to hear parents’ feedback as well as data-based facts on the new science curriculum and effects after elimination of several pre-AP course offerings.

I would like to hear concerns on the start time of our schools, academic year start- and end-dates and work on consensus-based dates and times that work in the best interests of all affected parties.

I would like our school district to be proactive and not reactive to address issues pertaining to mental illness, suicide prevention and other social factors that affect some students.

Thasin Sardar


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